This Russian notepad permits to write in Russian without installing Russian Language on your PC. It supports Wndows-1251 and KOI-8 writing and  decoding from DOS, ISO, MAC Cyrillic code systems. It works in any 32-bits  Windows environment (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP).
After downloading and NPP.ZIP file unZIPPing  read Readme.txt for further details of utilization. The installation is simple and consists of two steps: unzipping and Russian font installation (
click here to read how to install fonts), the fonts files are included in  NPP.ZIP file.
The Notepad has Help in Russian and English as well, it was written 5 years ago for Windows NT and it works not bad under other Windows  too.
The Notepad does not support Unicode, it is compatible with Netscape Copy/Paste operations but does not support directly the same procedures with MS Internet Explorer.
If you copy text prepared on this Notepad and paste it later to MS Word do not forget select this text and assign appropriate Cyrillic fonts to make it readable.
Similar Cyrillic National Editor (for example, Tatar, Ukrainian and etc) may be coded on your request. You may order standard or custom keyboard layout. Please send me e-mail and ask for detail.
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