Essential Cyrillic gate for not-Russian Windows


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Delo is simple Russian Editor for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. Delo does not require special installation (fonts or keyboard drivers). Simply download, unZip and run delo.exe.
 It can work on not-Russifed PC and it is  UNICODE application. You may type a text and paste it to other  tools such as Word and Excel or not-Unicode Cyrillic editors in KOI-8 or Win-1251. The editor supports different code conversions.
 The Editor supports Ukrainian, Belarusian,  Russian before-revolution, Greek, Polish, Czech and other characters (these characters are supported in UNICODE mode only).
 The editor has special small dialog bar to show positions of Russian letters on English keyboard. The editor has resource controls in Russian.
Using this editor you may generate word puzzles (crosswords and find a word) from the text entered in editor window.

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Editor has embedded Crossword Maker, Find Word  Puzzle Generator.

  You may input words into crossword grid manually, download from crossword file or insert from current word contents of editor. Completed or not completed crossword may be saved into a file.


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