Russian text may be coded in many different ways......
The most logically correct Russian code system is KOI-8. It is based on ASCII with adding 1 to the 7-th bit, besides small and capitals letters in Cyrillic and Latin presentation change their position. For example, Latin letter "A" has code 0x41, Cyrillic letter "а" has code: 0x41 OR 0x80 = 0xC1. If you take Russian text written in KOI-8 and clear the 7-th bit you will receive the text in Latin letters which is very readable as well. For example, after such treatment phrase "Как дела, приятель" looks like "kAK DELA, PRIQTELX".
Russian notepad has such clearing function as well it can convert from/to KOI-8 to/from Windows-1251, Macintosh, DOS, ISO-8859-5 code systems. Traditionally KOI-8 is used in Russian IRC channels and Russian News Groups.

Hex presentation of KOI-8

Other system is Windows-1251. It is used in 16-bit Windows 3.x. It looks very similar as Macintosh Russian code system. Even small letters have the same codes. The idea of Windows-1251, Macintosh and other codes presented below are simple: code number increases in alphabetical order.

Hex presentation of Window-1251

Hex presentation of Macintosh

Hex presentation of ISO-8859-5

Hex presentation of UNICODE (16-bits)

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