Cyrillic editor Delo for Windows NT/2000/XP, no installation, Cyrillic keyboard drivers or fonts are required, download, unZIP it and run executable file delo.exe. Editor supports Russian, Ukrainian, Russian before-revolution and other Cyrillic symbols. Text may be Copied and Pasted to/from MS Office tools. For more information and screen shot click here. If you like tools presented here and want to support an author, please make donation via PayPal, click on the button  ------------------->>>>>

Virtual Russian stickers for US keyboard

Click on the Picture to download a small program (320K only). When you run it (RunLayout.exe) you will see at the corner of your screen a bar of Russian Keyboard Layout and size are the same as presented on this page. No installation required. Compatible with any Windows.
Russian on PC
Show how to install Russian keyboard using standard Windows options.
Russian Fonts Specifics
Step by step description of new fonts adding.
Russian Online
Russian online editor in MS Internet  Explorer  Windows. You may write in Russian using any PC connected to Internet, then copy and paste it to other tools such as Word or Excel. For Netscape try another Netscape Russian Online Editor
Russian Notepad
Simple and compact editor, decoder (Win1251 to KOI-8 and many more) for NT/95/98/2000.
not-UNICODE. Some Font installation required.
Slav Editor
For not-Russified PC.
NT/2000/XP/Vista. UNICODE.
Not font or installation required. Support Russian, Old-Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish
RusScript: online Russian typing for US/European keyboards (Internet Explorer/Netscape/Mozilla).

The site describes how to write on PC in some different ways.
So far it has only 5 topics.
1. Russian on PC - how to write on PC in standard way using MS Windows options.
2. Fonts Specifics presents some specifics of different Russian coding systems, answer why the same Russian documents are fine in some tool but cannot be copied or opened in other environment.
3. Russian Online - how write in Russian on any not using online editor in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
4. Russian Notepad - how to download and use simple Russian Notepad which permit to write in Russian any PC without special installation.
5. Slav Editor works without keyboard driver or additional fonts in Windows NT/2000, supports Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish and Russian before-revolution letters.

As well Char Codes describes Russian code systems and some problems and specifics of them using.
Portuguese and French notepads for PC with US keyboard can be downloaded from Other Languages and Links section.

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